Nature strikes up the band

and we conduct ourselves scandalously

summery beings

in a London dalliance

soaking wet

and lingering in the rainΒ 

our soluble hearts

dissolving in warm eyes

we talked the darkness out of the night

until there was nothing left unsaid

and we were satisfied.

– Jen


(Excerpts of Darkness #2)

Clouds obscure the moon
Smothering the light
I can’t see the signs
Who’s crossing my path tonight?
On these dark and lonely roads
Someone’s dear pays the price
Driving away from the damage
With twisted metal in my mind
Never being able to face another deer
Eviscerated at the sight of doe eyes…
– Jen

(No typos there! :p)

Seashell horn

Sonorous in my bones

Awakens me on the inside

Calling me home

Back to a past life

Curled into a conch

I let the memories catch up to me tonight

And I hope somehow my face

Will flash across your eyes

While we are still alive.

– Jen

Blades of grass bend backwards
And I can see you there…
In the meadow
Where my thoughts don’t frequent anymore
The way we did on summer evenings…
Those quiet escapades
Where we planted kisses
Amongst wild flowers
I see you there…
Looking up at me
Through the fingers
Of the waving hands of time.
– Jen