Mind Concepts: My Art/ Digital Creations




92 thoughts on “Mind Concepts: My Art/ Digital Creations

  1. Louis says:

    Bonne semaine Jen ! Have a nice week Jen ! ❤
    Pour ouvrir la bouteille vite et bien ! To open the bottle quickly and well !

  2. M132 says:


  3. Louis says:

    A bientôt Jen ! Bisous d’amitié. ❤

    Deuxième blog ici :

  4. Louis says:

    Hi Jen! I’m happy to meet you and visit your site … Nice day for you my friend! Kisses. ❤

  5. Your visual perspectives are authentic and beautiful. Your short poems support them meaningfully, almost symbiotically, if such a word exists? You record visuals from an existing, real world. Then you frame them using techniques and perspectives that evoke delight. Nice work.

  6. equinoxio21 says:

    Nice art Svelte. I hadn’t seen it before. 🙂
    Heading for the videos.

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