My breath tastes like torture

keeping me alive

while I’m dying inside

the sliver of light

there in the corner

of your dark eyes…

– Jen



Your eyes fade into city lights

As I slowly come down

To ground level

From a thought 

Still flying after all

Caught off guard

By muscle memory

I walk until my feet remembers

The way forward

And forgets

The way back

To the streets that lead to avenues

That run into you.

– Jen


Along our way lights began to falter

Before they flickered out

And I could no longer see you

As I had moulded you with my mouth


Though my tongue traced your lips

I could not recognize your kiss

The distance signs in your eyes

Said millions of miles to Paradise


Used to be so much closer

Used to take just one smile

Now we’re broken down and breaking up

Where the Sun can’t find the dial…

– Jen

The Moon is buoyant in your eyes

Keeping fascination on the rise

Like high tide

On the inside

 I build it all up

For you to break it down

As you try to psychoanalyze

Scribe and memories dried

And why they leave you paralyzed

But there’s no meter by which I can be measured

I can stay put without being tethered

Or fly while attached to a string

Without a wing

So I zone out

Already thinking about

Much better things

You can do with your mouth…

– Jen